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Hi Mary Lynn, we were in Grand Bend Gallery last week and saw your work. You have a wonderful talent and I especially like your website display. Congratulations on using your creativity so wonderfully. Memories of the VON too. Noella
Noella Armstrong - 27 Aug 2018
I didn't know you were so prolific. Your paintings are amazing. You must thoroughly enjoy your work. It is an honour to know such a talented person.
Cheryl Carroll - 10 Oct 2016
very nice... also saw some pieces at Firefield. Strathroy's got some talented people!
A. Cater-Smith - 8 Jun 2015
Beautiful art!! I didn't know you were so talented! I am glad you sent the website info.
Lis Gray - 13 Dec 2013
Hi Mary Lynn I wanted to find the phone number of the Lily Farm Near Thamesville, so I googled that and up came your painting! Love it. Really love the bright colour in your work. Do you submit to the Desmond Art Show? It runs from July 21-Aug 1 in Ridgetown. I plan to attend that and would look out for you. Great to see your gallery on line. Best Regards Pat Patterson Best Regards
Patricia Patterson - 9 Jul 2013
Enjoyed your art work.
Rodney & Raili Maguire - 8 May 2013
Mary Lynn, I'm impressed with your paintings. The different styles and colours, you have created some really beautiful pieces of artwork. I hope your trip to Grenada will inspire some more and perhaps underwater scenes...
Claire Samuel - 8 Mar 2013
I love to paint too but I'm not nearly as talented as you.
Mary Lynn Smith - 3 Jan 2013
Your Web site looks great!! And so does the art. You're just getting better and better! You're talented in SO MANY ways. Your friend , Joyce Walter
Joyce Walter - 8 Jun 2011
Wow Mary Lynn, I had no idea you had so many paintings in your gallery - they're wonderful! I am lucky to have such a beautiful rose watercolour by such a talented artist. Congratulations!
Michele Kimmett - 6 Jun 2011
Very impressive Mary Lynn. Great work!
diahann calhoun - 23 May 2011
Very appealing and beautiful art Mary Lynn. I am really enjoying the website.
Josie Parker - 23 May 2011
Your paintings look great in the sunroom at the Artsee Cafe and Bistro. The light reflects colourful images and a very passionate artist. Congratulations on the launching of your website.
Reeka Spence - 21 May 2011
Hi Mary Lynn Just back from Algonquin interior.In at Rock Lake. Love your portrayal of the natural world. Mary Beth 20 May 2011
Mary Beth - 20 May 2011
Your website looks fantastic! I love the pictures!!! :)
Andrew Smith - 19 May 2011
Mary Lynn, I loved your paintings. I loved the use of colours. You are a talented lady.
Zuzanna - 19 May 2011
Wow!!! Great work Mary Lynn.I am impressed Cheers Kathy
Kathy Arnezeder - 18 May 2011
Mary Lynn, I enjoyed tremendously having the opportunity to see - even in photos - your paintings! Obviously, you are going to keep up the great work, no need for me to urge that..Greg
Greg McConnell - 18 May 2011
I love the vibrant colours you choose, Mary Lynn
Judy - 18 May 2011
I liked the painting called the view from Jack's Cottage.
jacob - 18 May 2011
Beautiful artwork! Love the website.
Suzanne Smith-Merkley - 18 May 2011
I think Mary Lynn has a great passion for art! I appreciate her comments such as "every picture is a surprise...some are happy surprises" and I like her mantra.."just do it~!"
Jack Parker - 29 Jan 2011
Mary Lynn, it's exciting to see your new website. I'm looking forward to following you on your artistic journey!
Wendy - 22 Dec 2010
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